Story board 

this is my hand drawn story board, i like the layers effect, each movement is over lapping another, it is rather plain because i wanted the subjects to stand out and everything in the background to be colourless, i have used a range of light and dark colours to give it some depth and added some detail using a black marker to make it more bold.



here is a hand embroidery of my self, i used a embroidery hoop to create this. i tried to create the light and dark areas of my hair using different colours on the area where the light was hitting.

this is something i tried because i did not enjoy the batik technique. I also did not enjoy this, i prefer sticking to fine art meduims as my strenghts lie there

Digital Narrative 

I used various methods of editing on my photos and this style of editing appealed to me the most. this is my favourite because i got inspired by my favourite tv show Suits. i decided not to layer the images and keep them as an ordinary landscape column view as it will be too much with the colours missing squares and filter.

Digital story board practice edits 

i was inspired by Ho Ryon Lee’s overlapping oil paintings. i decided to take that idea and make it my own, here are few of my practice edits of storyboards i did layering the images and changing the opacity and angles of the images.


 this type of edit was inspired by the intro of my favourite shows Suits, im not sure on who created the visuals of the opening credit, but i like how it has these squared and some of them are transparent and have a hue of colour over it. i have added a few muted colours in this edit.and also gave some areas a 3d effect.i layered in this edit, but i put the opacity down so you can’t really tell unless you look properly or see the darker bits of the image against the lighter parts. i like how this is dull with a pop of colour