pen drawings

There was a set up of still life objects and i focused on certain areas and drew them. I liked the mannequins because of the various different lines in the shape; straight, curved, soft and harsh lines. The composition of the mannequin captured a lot of the light on one side leaving the other side shadowed.


Duane Michals – Photography

Duane Michals is an American photographer.

 Over the course of 55 years of creative output, Michals has ceaselessly reinvented himself, never content to settle on a single anything. He has staged photographs, he has written on photographs, he has drawn, painted and manipulated photographs, he has constructed elaborate fictional narratives—in short, he has never allowed himself to be limited merely by what was done before in the genre.

I like Michals photographs because they are mysterious and almost supernatural like.

Michal is a storyteller, his images speak volume and are able to tell you a story without words, often those stories are dark and depressing.

Image result for duane michals photographer Image result for duane michals photographer death comes to an old lady


Batik & Embroidery 

I used the batik method on a patterned fabric to make it more vibrant and interesting i kept it quite simple and abstract which i also did with my patch workI wanted to make something sinple but with character so i googled abstract patchwork and got some inspiration from them.

I kept the stitching messy,  I didn’t want it to be neat, i feel like it gave spiderman more personality 


I really like the outcome of this painting, i like how i added texture by making the brush strokes harsh and visible. I like my use of colour on the mannequin. I like how the background ties in with the objects. I am not happy about is the skull head, I couldn’t get it the way I wanted it and i didn’t add in shadows and highlight to give the painting depth 

Dry point prints 

For my dry point i etched out the skull I drew in my book, i picked the skull because of the cracks, i liked how I could make them deeper so it gave it depthI spray paint and added ink ti the paper to give the prints a more interesting back ground 

Cindy Revell

 This is a acrylic painting i did of Cindy’s work. 

I really like her paintings of fruits and the use of colour they are vibrant and stand out from the background, i was influenced by her mark making and subtle use of colours to create highlighs and shadows. 

This is a tonal drawing i did of one of Cindy’s oil paintings. I added subtle mark making to give the orange texture and depth