Townscape photoshop 

In both these edits, before i layered the images i changed the colours, brightness & contrast in the pictures and changed the opacity while layering them so the background image will show through slightly.

In this image i added a colour gradient (blue and yello) and changed the brightness of the image to make the colours a bit more darker i also mirrored the image and then flipped it horizontally 


3D Sculpture 

This is my townscape 3D sculpture i made using a spot welder.

How i could have improved 

  1. Planned it properly
  2. Drawn it out
  3. Taken my time
  4. Make paper sculpture 

Collage Painting


To achieve the end result the following steps were carried out: -i stretched out the paper, then collaged all of the paper using similar colours to the photograph and then i lightly washed the paint over the collage which allowed the collage to show through the painting, giving it texture. I didn’t add much detail with the paint because i wanted the collage showing through to add detail.


Favourite pictures

The Cathedral: This is one of my favorite pictures because i like the angle i took it at and the details on the window. I also like how the sky is reflecting onto the glass.

Inside of the telephone box: I really like this picture because to me it tells a story, all the marks and writing have a story behind them, and we are looking in from the outside. So many hello’s and goodbyes have been spoken in that box.

Telephone box: I like this image because the red really stands out against all the dismal and muted colours in the background. Also like how you can see through the box.