Cut out repeat pattern


Acetate photocopy

I created some collage flowers out of scrap paper and photocopied them onto acetate, i like how it turned out, you can see the small details and markings on the paper and give the flower a textured look

Hand studies

These are the pictures I took while planning my fmp. I photographed hands for primary sources and worked from them. I tried out different compositions and did it under natural light to capture the shadows and tones on the hand




These are the hand studies I drew. I found it quite difficult to


These are composition collages i made using secondary images. Before i stuck them down i played around with the placement and colours. I liked the idea of coloured moodboards so i incorporated it into my collages. I included both my subjects, flowers and fruits. I used pastel colours as the background so the colour of the flowers and fruits are stronger and catch the eye.

These are the ones i made using primary and secondary resources. I tried out different styles tried to keep some very minimal and some detailed. I took into consideration the composition from my secondary collages and applied them to this.

Tracy Emin

A lot of Tracy Emin’s work is personal and tells us a story or a brief moment about that time in her life, Emin uses her life events and past experiences as inspiration for her work.

I like the way she used colour in her pieces the bold vibrant colours against the light pastel background, there are a lot of use of contrast in her blankets and layering of fabric. Her work is filled with colour and different pattern of fabrics; all the colours and patterns Emin uses compliment the piece as a whole and it all comes together.

*more in my book*